ProtOSINT is a Python script that helps you investigate ProtonMail accounts and ProtonVPN IP addresses.


This tool can help you in your OSINT investigation on Proton service (for educational purposes only).
ProtOSINT is separated in 3 sub-modules:

  • [1] Test the validity of one protonmail account
  • [2] Try to find if your target have a protonmail account by generating multiple adresses by combining information fields inputted
  • [3] Find if your IP is currently affiliate to ProtonVPN


Python 3




The account name in the protonmail is case-insensitive and ProtonMail considers the "." "_" "-" symbols as transparent.
Additionnaly, any words put after a "+" sign are not taken into account.
It means that all of these email adresses below are the same as [email protected]:

All of these emails have the save timestamp and refers to the account [email protected].

This technique does not always give you the creation time and date of the ProtonMail account itself, but the time and date when the email address itself was created (thanks to @sector035 for the tip:

Email encryption keys

ProtOSINT allow you to know which encryption key is used for a protonmail account:

  • RSA 2048-bit (Older but faster) - high security
  • RSA 4096-bit (Secure but slow) - highest security
  • X25519 (Modern, fastest, secure) - State-of-the-art

Download ProtOSINT

ProtOSINT is a Python script that helps you investigate Protonmail accounts and ProtonVPN IP addresses - pixelbubble/ProtOSINT